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Jan 5, 2010

BLOGertronic is not spelled wrong...if you were wondering (and you were)

Ok, I know that the "accurate" spelling of BLOGertronic would be "bloggertronic", with two Gs, but I don't care. BLOGertronic exists because of a forum site and a brand that my wife and I started years ago called Bargertronic. The accompanying blog for the forums was called Blogertronic. I spent most of two weeks working on that damn banner, hopping into photoshop and tweaking this, fixing that. After all was said and done, the project was no more. I let the whole thing go, domain and all. Until recently that is.

A few days ago I got a hair up my ass and wanted to start a blog, so I though, "what better time to resurrect my old blog?" This time though, I decided to go the easy route and use Blogger. Now I don't have to mess with hosting and the whole slew of coding and web installation problems and accompany doing everything myself. Now I get to just concentrate on blogging. :)

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here is a screen of my old site

I was stoked to be able to use my old banner again, because it is sooooo sexy! I even gave it a bit of sprucing for my new blog. Here is the old one.

and heres the new one

I re-rendered it from the original PSD file so it's much sharper than the old one, and i added a few things and cropped it a bit better for the new blog.

Eh, that's all i got. Goodnight interwebz!