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Aug 5, 2010

Some Home Made Lulz

Here is a short list of bullshit that I've made over the past few years. These are by no means impressive but I clearly thought they were hilarious or awesome...or awesomehilarious...enough to post on here. And wow, they are all OLD! The most recent of these was made no sooner than 2 years ago!

Behold, my GODLIKE PShop skillzez!!!


  1. I love the astroglide one....

  2. easter and dingoes on a baby are may faves of these. i made dingoes for a photoshop contest where the goal was to make Snakes on a Plane mock ups.

  3. i finally downloaded Chrome....what was i waiting for?????? very nice and i havent found a flaw so far. you do have any issues?.......and I DO think the astroglide one is fucking hilarious!!!