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Jan 2, 2010

Have you heard of the internet? It's real big right now.

In a recent article on CNN, the mass media points out how they've just become aware of the sharing of digital books, or e-books. CLICK HERE for the exact article. They actually said, "Digital piracy, long confined to music and movies, is spreading to books." So, it seems that they've only just noticed that something other than music and movies are digitally traded over the interwebz. I'm absolutely fucking astonished by this This doesn't surprise me at all really. I guess it just surprises me at how painfully unaware the government and media is about the internet. They don't really mention software anywhere in that article, and software is equally as pirated as music and movies. Well, if they think that digital piracy is limited to music, movies and even books then they are in for a rude awakening.

I guess I should be happy that the world at large have no idea what the hell is happening on the web. It's such a free place that groups of teenagers and children can start up entire web sites and forums dedicated to pirating and trading stolen digital materials (like video game or paypal accounts). It's not like these sites are quickly discovered and shut down or anything either. They actually stay up and running for years at a time. There is a lot of money in all this as well. These kids can phish several gaming accounts worth up to $400 and turn around and sell them for $5 to $20. I've seen this done hundreds of times and seen many people make hundreds of dollars with this method. Like I said, this shit happens on a regular basis all over the internet and no one seems to even notice or be able to do anything about it.

Another pisser-offer is that when small offenses in the digital piracy world are discovered they are almost always pinned on the usual scape goats. Napster, Limewire, The Pirate Bay...these sites and their software are always mentioned because they are known contributors on the scene. What they fail to mention is that these are the few of hundreds or thousands of contributors in, what I'm going to call, digital sharing. People have been sharing media since media existed, be it music, movies, e-books, audio books, software, music videos, system files, pictures, art, etc etc etc. People have been sharing this shit and will go on doing so as long as there is a means to do so.

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